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We hope that you have enjoyed using this broadband speed test to test your home or work internet connection. Whether you are here because you don't think you are getting what you paid for from your ISP or whether you think that there may be a problem with the network - we are glad you came. Many people find that using a speed test can help diagnose problems they may be having with their ISP (internet service provider). Often times issues occur within a home network - which can be harder to diagnose.

Another great place to test the speed of your internet connection is they allow you to test the speed of your internet conenction from all over the world - and they log the results so you can compare your speed tests Business Electricity Comparison with others and see how fast other internet connections are. At the time of this writing there have been about 2,200,000,000 tests recorded on that site.

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Food :: Propane to Natural Gas - Is it Worth Converting Your BBQ Grill?

If you set out to buy a BBQ grill today, one of the options facing you is whether to fuel it with propane or natural gas. But what if you already have a propane gas BBQ. Is it worthwhile converting it?

In this article we'll help you weigh up the pros and the cons.

The Relative Costs of Natural gas and Propane

Technical tests on both gases indicate that although natural gas is much less Business Electricity Comparison expensive than propane (by up to three or four times for one cubic foot) you'll need twice as much to cook the same meal. But this is more than compensated for by the much lower cost of natural gas. However, that's not the complete story.

Grill Conversion Costs

To change your grill from propane to natural gas you'll also have to carry out a technical conversion. This conversion involves taking out your existing gas regulator and feed pipes and replacing these with similar items designed specifically for natural gas. The conversion process increases the flow of gas to your barbecue grill to compensate for the fact that natural gas produces less cooking heat than propane.

It's possible to carry out this conversion yourself, but this is not recommended because the work involved demands a certain level of technical skill. It's much more sensible to employ the services of a natural gas technician who will also be able to install a patio gas supply point at the same time.

However, the conversion cost is likely to be quite high - probably in the region of $100 -$200. Therefor, you may well decide that it's more sensible to put this money towards the purchase cost of a new natural gas grill.

Other Factors to Consider

As well as weighing up the cost savings against the conversion costs you should also consider the following factors:

Factors against Conversion:

Grill Mobility - You'll not be able to use your grill anywhere. You're going to be restricted by the position of the natural gas supply point.

Taste - Natural gas contains a smelly substance called mercaptan. Its deliberately mixed with the gas so that you can tell if you've got a leak. Some people reckon that this substance imparts an unpleasant taste to the food. However, don't get too hung up about this. It's not a frequently voiced complaint.

Environmental Protection - Natural gas is not environmentally friendly. If it escapes into the atmosphere,it gets converted into other substances which are detrimental to it.

Factors for Conversion:

Convenience - Your fuel supply will be on tap and you won't have to carry bottles of propane around anymore or change a bottle half-way through a BBQ.

Make a Choice. Propane or Natural Gas?

Hopefully my article will help you make a choice about whether to convert your grill or not. If you're already using natural gas in the home this could be an opportunity to save money on the costs of operating your BBQ grill, but don't forget those conversion costs. It may make more sense to wait until you need to purchase a new grill

Business Energy

Simply Enterprise Fuel compares costs from the nearly all active as well as competitive business gasoline providers. We normally have rates offered by around ten enterprise gas providers.

At just about any period there maybe twenty business gasoline providers nevertheless the variety of active fuel providers changes as new entrants be the part of and current suppliers both redraw from your market as well as reduce competitive coverage, also not all company fuel providers provide prices to small, and medium Business Electricity Prices business customers. Your ?Big 6? suppliers, Scottish Power, British Gas, Eon Energy, SSE, npower along with EdF are generally still significant company gas providers. Ofgem suggested inside 2012 that 70% of the tiny and also medium business part of the actual gasoline marketplace had been given by these company fuel providers. A Lot More recent company gasoline providers towards the industry consist of Opus Energy, CNG, Total GP, Gazprom, and Crown.

Some typical offers in the leading enterprise gas providers include;

Total GP provide costs for one to 5 yr contract duration and include each a standing charge and no standing cost option.
Gazprom, SSE and also British Gasoline possess prices pertaining to someone to three a long time 3,
Crown, Scottish Power, as well as Opus energy normally have provides for one and 2 years, and
Eon energy 1 as well as three many years as well as CNG cost upto 2 yrs depending on the no standing cost option
The Merely Enterprise Fuel cost comparison tends for you to make comparing offers via business gasoline providers simple. An Individual can compare enterprise gas provider prices at a occasion that's convenient in order to you and also since you don?t must offer get throughout touch with details until you want to, an individual is not likely to always be bombarded on the actual phone calls or even emails hassling you. Just About All you will need to complete to have a new comparison regarding enterprise gas providers is often to enter a number of simple information:

where you are located,
how a lot gas you imagine a person use,

when you would like the fuel contract for you to start, and
who your present enterprise gas provider is
The greatest bit is that all of the results from enterprise gas providers are generally Business Electricity Prices demonstrated on your screen within just a few seconds by simply contract expense per month along with delivers are split based on contract durations. Therefore the energy actually is together with you ? relax as well as compare business fuel providers, you've not even try to shed along with every thing to end up being able to gain.

Business Energy

If you have been browsing for your cheapest enterprise energy prices then you realize precisely how challenging acquiring a company energy comparison may be. Researching the particular industry for cheapest enterprise power involves a lot of telephone calls rather than becoming able to see prices in a simple format. Properly Merely business energy differs ? inside a matter of moments you could be evaluating energy costs for your enterprise with the outcomes displayed in your screen with out your must pick the phone up.

Managing energy costs is not higher up about the record on most small businesses; Ofgem analysis in 2012 suggested that:-

37% regarding clients were unsure regarding their own company energy costs,
only 50% carefully verify by means of the actual detail to guarantee the quantity billed is actually calculated correctly, and
over 25% involving companies had by absolutely no means considered switching their own energy supplier
With our straightforward to help make use of web business power price comparison support we make evaluating enterprise power rates through UK power suppliers as easy as possible. We compare all the cheapest enterprise power prices on a like for similar to basis. We remove all the complications and always be sure business energy costs are pretty and accurately compared. We group the cheapest company power costs based on contract duration alternatives as well as rank the final results by monthly contract costs.

Our web site will be designed to exhibit a person the least expensive business energy costs accessible with out capturing your own contact details as well as forcing you to make make contact with with a contact centre. Simply click around the quote buttons to commence out the three step process to always be able to cheaper enterprise power prices. simply tell us:-

where your organization can be located,
how a lot gas or perhaps electricity you imagine anyone use,

when you need your gasoline or electricity contract to always be able to start, and
who your present company power supplier is
Then settle-back as well as compare the cheapest business energy rates available. simply Company energy will direct you by means of the complete method and assist an individual inside evaluating the cheapest company power prices. you don?t need to provide contact details until you need to always be able to so you will not always be bombarded by phone calls. the manage really is together with you together with we offer you the choice of accepting the preferred business energy prices through email, phone or even post when the moment will be right.

At a time when the cost associated with business power will be increasing becoming able to compare business power rates correctly is a great browse around this site deal more important as compared to ever. A Person possess absolutely nothing to lose as well as every thing in order to acquire by simply using our comparison associated with cheapest business energy.

Business Energy

If you've been searching for that cheapest business power costs then you realize exactly how challenging receiving a new enterprise energy comparison can be. Looking At your marketplace for cheapest enterprise power involves plenty of telephone calls and never being able to see prices inside a straightforward format. Properly Merely business energy differs ? in a few seconds you will be researching power prices for the enterprise using the results displayed on your screen without having the actual need to pick the actual telephone up.

Managing energy expenses is not higher up around the checklist on most tiny businesses; Ofgem research throughout 2012 suggested that:-

37% regarding consumers had been unsure involving their particular enterprise power costs,
only 50% carefully check through the detail to guarantee the amount billed is calculated correctly, and
over 25% regarding companies had in zero way considered switching their own energy supplier
With our easy to utilize web business power cost comparison support we create evaluating company power prices through UK energy suppliers as easy as possible. We compare every 1 of the cheapest business energy costs on a like with regard to such as basis. We remove every 1 regarding the complications and become sure business power prices are pretty and accurately compared. We team the cheapest enterprise power rates in accordance with contract duration alternatives and also rank the results simply by monthly contract costs.

Our website is actually designed to exhibit a person the least expensive business power prices accessible without capturing your contact details or even forcing you to make contact together with a call centre. Just click about the quote buttons to commence out the actual 3 step method in order to cheaper business power prices. Just tell us:-

where your business is located,

how significantly fuel or electricity you address here imagine you use,
when you would like the actual gas as well as electricity contract to start, and
who your present business energy supplier is
Then settle-back along with compare the cheapest enterprise energy rates available. simply business Power will direct you via the whole procedure as well as assist a person inside comparing the the majority of affordable business energy prices. you don?t have to supply make contact with details until you need to so you is not necessarily heading to become bombarded on the actual phone calls. The Particular control actually is along with you and we give you the decision regarding accepting the preferred business energy rates by email, phone or even publish when the period can be right.

At a time if the cost of company power is increasing getting able to compare company power rates precisely is a lot more essential compared to ever. A Person get nothing to shed and every little thing in order to acquire by simply using our comparison of cheapest business energy.